Wayne Trails Technologies

3-Axis Servo Transfer Modules

X-Axis: 0 - 36" | Y-Axis: 0 - 36" | Z-Axis: 0 - 24"

Three-axis servo transfers are available in front and back-mounted or through-window configurations. Front and back-mounted modules increase the amount of usable press bed real estate that is available to the operator. Through-window transfer modules are a traditional option. Both styles have been engineered with a standardized design that supports manufacturing in volume for faster deliveries, reduced costs and product improvement.


  • PC-based operator interface
  • Press mounted encoder
  • Counter-balanced lift axis improves performance
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Allen Bradley drive/controls
  • Precision-ground helical rack & pinion drive train for high accuracy
  • Easy access for die maintenance and die change
  • Can operate in multiple feed directions
  • Available in 4-module arrangement for larger, longer bed press applications
  • Maitenance-free linear bearings for long life and reliability

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